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Friday, February 17, 2017

Get Well Cher... PLEASE! Cher Is Sick -- Worries About Cancelling 'Classic Cher' Shows

Music LEGEND Cher has worried fans today, tweeting that she is currently ill, having performed her last concert (February 14) whilst sick.

The ageless chart-topper, whom began her Classic Cher residency on 8 February in Las Vegas, tweeted within the last few hours:

"Valentines Show I did sick, next day, full on flu. Have gone to doctors everyday. Hoping to be able to make shows. I know it would be huge disappointment."

Ageless Cher, 70(!), during her current Classic Cher residency 

"I take my work seriously, and know the sadness of something you're looking forward to, being cancelled. Going to doctor at 1:30. Will tell what he says."

"I've been holding good thoughts every day. AM DOING MY BEST".

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  1. Get better soon lady cher i got the flu as well love jane from Australia xxx

  2. Get better soon, cuz your fans love you!

  3. Please get better soon. We miss you and love you.

  4. Get Well Beautiful Lady and Brilliant Star. We Love You