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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NEW! 'I Hope You Find It' Official Lyrics Video!

A lyrics video for Cher's new single 'I Hope You Find It' has been posted on YouTube.

As we wait for Cher to bless us with a music video for her new single 'I Hope You Find It', we'll have to make do with its lyrics video. Yes, the official lyrics video for the ballad has been uploaded to Cher's Official YouTube account - watch below!

The single will be released on 28 October in the UK and, as a double-A-side with 'Woman's World', 4 October in Germany.

Cher's last official lyrics video - the one for her #1 dance single 'Woman's World' - gained over 700,000 views on YouTube.

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  1. This song is gorgeous and WILLLLLLLLLL get Radio Play at Adult Contemporary radio stations in the USA! I love simple Cher songs where she just sings beautifully as she CAN!

  2. YES SO DO I am not a huge dance music fan but a fan of all she does,, SHE DOES so much JUSTICE to I HOPE YOU FIND IT, SIRENS,, the power of her voice i hope her next album features more of this kind of material that showcases her voice

  3. Yes, I too adore her ballads. Cher can SING unlike many and I love the Pink songs. That was so great of Pink to write songs and give them to Cher! Pink is one great gal. I hope Pink and Cher do a duet in the future!

  4. a duet of them both would be amazing,, glad P!NK added her vocals to LIE TO ME!!


  6. Daniel, great Billboard article! Cher is getting great pressssss now!


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