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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cher To Perform At Next Year's 'Grammy Awards' Ceremony!

Cher, who will perform at the 2014 'Grammy Awards'
Cher will be performing at next year's 'Grammy Awards'!

If it was up to us fans, Cher would be performing at this year's 'Grammy Awards' - which will take place very soon on 10 February. Although if it was up to us fans, Cher would be performing at every single music awards show around the globe.

The seemingly-ageless songstress won't be performing at this year's 'Grammy Awards' but has revealed that she will be performing at next year's ceremony! One of her Twitter followers wrote, "I wish that Cher was performing at 'The Grammy Awards'". Cher replied, in all-capitals, "NEXT YEAR!"

By then, Cher will have released her 25th solo studio album, and hopefully a handful of singles from it, including the album's first, 'Woman's World' - which is expected to have it video premiere before this month's end! So not only will Cher be performing at the '56th Annual Grammy Awards' next year, she'll hopefully be collecting an award or two - to put alongside her current sole(!) Grammy Award, which she won for her 1998 single 'Believe'.

Popular artists who will be performing at this year's 'Grammy Awards' include Adele, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.


  1. My God. I'm looking forward to it next year!
    let's wait for the surprises this year.

  2. Hope it's The Greatest Thing with Gaga!!

  3. I hope so. We shall see I am hoping the music video of Woman's World will premier as I don't know when the song is out or the album.

    Sorry not on here often.

  4. man Cher is 50,000 times better than all of those performing this year put together!!!!!! anyone agree with me?!?!!!!


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