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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cher Album News: How Many New Songs Are There? Will The Album Be Just Dance? Plus 'Red' Lyrics

More tweets about Cher's new album!

Almost everyday, icon Cher updates us with the status of her new album via Twitter. With each new session of tweets, the album seems to be closer to being finished.

She tweeted just before midnight (Los Angeles time), "I made a list of my new songs - there are fifteen! I love them all but I will record a few more because I want to love love love them all - I love love love eleven [at the moment]".

She then went on to quote some lyrics from one of her new songs, the much-discussed 'Red'; "It's all around me now, Red like my heart, Red like my blood, Red on my lips, When you told me you were done".

When asked about the contents of her new CD and whether it it will be a dance album, Cher replied, "50/50! Kick-ass dance; sad; strange; two big ballads; two small ballads; dark and cool; total love songs; some very Cher; and some unexpected".

A further Twitter user asked Cher to give the title of the song on the album that is about vampires - one that Cher has spoken about many times; Cher answered, "Can't tell but it's so f**king amazing! Vampire love song! Dark, mysterious, sex, hot".

Usually, when there's tweets from our favorite songstress anout her new album, there'll be at least one in there somewhere about her new tour - and this time was no different. One fan asked her if the new tour will consist of just new songs or also old songs; Cher replied, "Both! I don't like it when artists sing only new stuff! It's no fun".


  1. oh my gosh i simply CANNOT WAIT for this album to come out now! "50/50! Kick-ass dance; sad; strange; two big ballads; two small ballads; dark and cool; total love songs; some very Cher; and some unexpected" ahhhhhh!!!!

    by the way you do a FANTASTIC job at running this site! thank you so much!! i'm a massive cher fan and always come here for updates!! keep rocking!! : )

    1. Agreed!! I check this site daily. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank God Cher tweets or we would have nada!

  3. This sounds like absolute perfection!

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  5. Cannot wait for Cher's new CD to come out!! I know it will be Massive and go way beyond platinum!!! CHER ROCKS!!

  6. i like this news site. 2 long of wt 4 this cd


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