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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Expect An Expanded Version Of Cher's New Album

Cher, who's new album will come also in an expanded version
Those that were hoping for an expanded version of Cher's new album may not be disappointed.

As one Twitter user pointed out to Cher, a good portion of CDs released these days come in a standard version and a deluxe version – sometimes the latter is released on the same day, sometimes it's later on down the line.

So, with Cher's new album scheduled to be in stores in the upcoming months, many have been wondering if an expanded version of the album - containing an extra disc - will be released.

The Twitter user asked Cher, “Do you see your CD having two disks – one with bonus tracks and remixes like most people do now?”

The legendary superstar replied, simply, “Yes”.

Cher recently stated that she is “over-recording” for the album, meaning that she is recording more songs than will fit on her new studio album. Therefore, it seems that (at least some of) the extra tracks will be released on the bonus disc that comes with the expanded version.

Also, judging by the answer to the aforementioned tweet, Cher will include some remixes on the bonus disc for those that appreciate them. After all, it is a dance album.

I think it's a great idea – after all, if it means getting hold of more Cher songs, we'll all be wanting a copy of the deluxe edition.


  1. Please release the album already!


  2. This album is shaping up to be EPIC!!

  3. I'll "BELIEVE" it when I see it. A single would be nice, just to tease. I am almost at my breaking point waiting for it. It wouldn't bother me as much if they just said nothing. Instead of keep saying one thing and then changing their mind. PLEASE release something!

  4. Cher normally records her stuff FAST. This has been the FIRST time in a 50 year career that ANY album has taken so long. I do think this album will be very good BUT it was too long of a delay. Cher does not write her music nor does she produce it. She just records it. In fact, Cher normally goes into the studio and cuts a song all at one session. What seems to have happened with this album is every month or two or three she cuts one or two songs followed by nothing. It is just wierd to me since this is not how she normally works. Oh well, I am just happy it is nearly here!

  5. I'am new to this site & have been a fan of Chers since I was 12 yrs old. I'am now 52 & still think she is the sexiest woman alive.

  6. Well, Cher is also working with VERY famous producers who have extremely busy schedules themselves. Timbaland just did an interview with Details magazine and he stated that he is scheduled through 2015!! That's almost a 3 year waiting period. But it does seem weird that this album seems much more plagued with delays than any other previous Cher album. Hopefully it comes out soon.

  7. MOST IMPORTANT! They release a VINYL EDITION!!! Would love to have vinyl copies of "Man's World", "Believe" and "Living Proof" !!!

  8. so sad ths cd is tkg so lg. crzy! we hv wtd 4 so lg

  9. In a way too much emphasis is being put on this album. Sadly outside of us Cher fans, her new album will be a blip in her career. Albums are no longer big deals as they used to be. The sad thing is outside of her fans, they will hardly notice she has an album. Look at Madonna. Her MDNA came out in March 2012. It sold well ONLY in week one. For the past several months the MDNA has sold UNDER 500 copies per week and not even enough to be IN the Top 200 Album chart. Madonna is touring the world and has been in the USA for weeks now, yet is sort of invisible except to her fans. I wish Cher would put out this album and not tour but do other projects. I have a feeling her tour might not be just for months on end but years on end. If that is the case there will be no new Cher stuff after this album for eons and eons. New Cher stuff is the best Cher stuff if you know what I mean!